Watch Live TV with a Web Browser

It’s summer and I’ve let a few of my IPTV accounts expire as there’s nothing on that makes paying extra during COVID times worthwhile.

But in the meantime, I was surprised to be able to keep up with a few of my shows, for free, just using my web browser.


Have you heard of ? No? Well have a look! At the time of this article there are 85 popular channels, including CNN, WWE Network, Bravo, etc.

And what about my most important Global Toronto News? I did a quick search one day because I forgot to renew a subscription, and was able to simply go here: and stay in touch no problem.

Global Toronto News Live

I have an “app” to talk about next that is awesome for free TV watching, and I am testing another new IPTV provider that is $10/month/US that I will be writing about shortly.