OM Hosting

OM Hosting

I was trying OM Hosting IPTV for a couple of months and that is the other provider I hinted about reviewing in my earlier post.

Unfortunately this is another provider who had their PayPal account cancelled and if I can’t pay with PayPal then I’m not subscribing. But if you don’t mind using their other payment methods (some may not be available for us Canadians) you are welcome to check them out.

Their line up is good, the categories are well thought out, and their price is awesome! $10/month US for one seat, and additional seats are only another $1/month. I had 3 seats going for $13 US in my second month. That’s a very good deal indeed.

They are also very flexible on how you can watch. They covered every device I could think of (tablet, phone, android tv, fire tv, and a plain ole web browser).

They also have a discord channel where you can talk to users and some of the people running the system. During the first month I signed up their servers crashed and some new login info was distributed in the Discord channel. It was a nuisance, but by now I’m used to servers crashing, but they were prompt with the new info and provided plenty of examples on how to get back up.

I would have stuck with them but not being able to pay with PayPal ruined that. I went back to and signed up for 6 months of Premium Snap IPTV just to take a break from testing for a while.