More on IPTV – Canada Cord Cutters

Update October 2020

Although this company did a great job with their systems, they have eventually faded away and even their web site no longer loads. Very unfortunate to lose another great provider.


Review – IPTV from Canada Cord Cutters

It’s been 3 or 4 months since I subscribed one of our boxes to Canada Cord Cutters. The attraction here was using a Canadian provider, a service that accepted PayPal for payment, a provider that offered a good selection of Canadian stations at a good price, and who was responsive.

My contact with Wil from Canada Cord Cutters has been through Facebook. After reading a bit about them I noticed they offered a free 24 hour trial subscription (available only through the week, no weekends). I messaged through Facebook and was surprised to get a response almost immediately. After some initial chit chat I was provided with the information I needed to check out their service the next day.

I have no complaints about the channel selections. Everything you need is there including my favourite Global Toronto. What they are missing is a VideoClub area for Movies and TV Show and there’s no Catch-Up available on their channels. They do have a nice VOD area for Indy Wrestling and UFC though.

What I discovered afterwards was that their $15/month/CDN price, all-in, provided for up to three connections at once. You can use their service on a Mag box, Android TV box or an Android tablet [and other devices]. When I renewed for month two, I added my tablet and now I was able to watch TV on my tablet where ever I may be.

This was all great but what about catching up on TV Show and Movies? Looking at their website they are selling a TX6 Android 9.0 TV Box for $100. This box has 4GB of RAM Memory and 32GB of internal storage and all the other bells & whistles one would need. If you opt to have them preload some apps for you the price goes up to $130 but this is good for an Android TV newbie like me so I decided to get this box activated when my subscription was to be renewed in June.

We did a bit of changing up on the subscribed boxes for my 3 box subscription and got the Android TV box up and running, along with my tablet and Mag box. All for $15/month/CDN.

I’m new to the Android TV boxes, and I must say at first I wasn’t very impressed. It reminded me too much of Kodi – an app for this, and app for that, dealing with sources that don’t always work, too many cam versions, wading through long lists of movies sorted by who knows what.

The IPTV app (MVP) was great and I actually think the picture is even better through the Android TV box than the Mag box. However the app doesn’t record. I had asked about that (since there’s no Catch-Up) and was told I could record but there’s an issue between MVP and Android 9 and I can’t record after all. That was a big one. But talking with Wil (from Canada Cord Cutters) about that he quickly directly me to a different IPTV App that would record. I installed that one (IPTV Extreme) and although the look isn’t as nice as MVP it does record so that solves the issue of no Catch-Up for me.

Now for TV Shows and Movies there are some apps on the box (remember – I ordered the $130 version with Plug and Play Programming option).

I found adding a good wireless mouse & keyboard helps navigate better. This is a MUST. The remote is not very useful.

I can’t say that I’m totally happy with the way you can get to watch TV Shows and Movies through these apps but if you have time to wade through these endless lists it will work. I’d be looking at how to flag shows as favourites so you can get back to them easily.

After a couple of weeks I was still not totally convinced that the Android TV system is better than the MAG boxes and subscriptions we’ve been using thus far.

For simplicity sake I’d say the MAG box is much easier to use. It does only one thing – IPTV – and it does it well. Your joy is limited by the IPTV subscription you use.

But eventually, with my new mouse and keyboard attached, I installed Kodi so I can access my media on our network drive. That works great. My wife uses Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and those apps works great. You can surf the web with Google Chrome. If you want to go crazy you can load all of your social network apps, email and games too.

And then it hits me – Wil kept saying the Android TV box is better because you can do anything you want on one box. He is right. I used to switch between the MAG box and a mini-pc but I haven’t switched over to the mini-pc once in the last month. The Android TV box, fully loaded, was only $130. My MAG box and the mini-pc were three times that much.

So it’s really a matter of preference and cost I guess.

I think it’s much easier to introduce my friends to IPTV through a MAG box, but my younger friends will likely be quite comfortable using the Android TV box.

For us? We are keeping a few MAG boxes in the house and the Android TV box is only in the basement, and I’m the primary user of it.

I have to give credit to Wil and Canada Cord Cutters. Anytime I message Wil I got a response promptly (usually within minutes). He is knowledgeable about their product and can answer your questions and give you guidance. I still can’t get over how quickly he responds.

As of July I noticed that their price increased to $20/month from $15. Wil said they added more servers and therefore had to raise their fee but it should stay at this price for quite some time.

$20/CDN/Month for 3 connections (all running at the same time) is a darn good deal.

There are still plenty of other IPTV Providers out there, and dozens of different ways to watch (MAG boxes, Android TV Boxes, tablets, etc). My purpose with these blog posts is to share my experiences and let you decide if any of the things I’ve done may work for you.