Live NetTV App

NOTE: In early May 2021 my Andriod phone told me it had disabled this app because it could steal your private information. I removed it completely from my phone. Is this a legitimate warning? I don’t know but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Ok, so it’s summer, and Covid-19 is affecting us all and quite frankly, I don’t have much extra cash to spend on IPTV at the moment.

So I was trying to find a “GOOD” app that can bring Live TV on my screens for free. I have to say if you search the App Store for this you have to wade through a ton of really bad programs. I never found anything that was any good.

So then I thought I should look around my Android TV box I got from Canada Cord Cutters over a year ago, as I paid extra to have it pre-loaded with other apps.

Low and behold, Live NetTV was installed. It needed to be updated, but holy cow! What a great selection of LiveTV stations from all over the world!

Sure, there are ads that pop up and you are forced to watch them finish before you can move on, but generally that happens right as you start to watch or at the end, and isn’t really a nuisance and I’m happy that the software builders are able to generate some income.

Anyway, you can use this thing on all your Android Devices, for free! And it really works!

As an added bonus, you can install this on your Amazon FireStick fairly easily too! A simple google search should set you on your way.

Go to and get started!