IPTV using a MAG Set Top Box

My testing with various IPTV subscriptions using a Mag254 set top box went so much better than my previous trials using the Kodi software. There is no comparison and using a Set Top Box is definitely the way to go!

I was able to have the admin at MyIPTV.store change my subscription to VooDoo IPTV so it would work on my new Mag254 box (you have to provide them with your MAC address). Once I received the email confirmation I was given the portal address to enter into the configuration. You reboot, and voila!

The remote for the Mag box is “OK” – you have learn what their symbols mean and what certain buttons do, and then learn how to go forward and backward and left/right through the various options but it’s nothing too difficult to catch onto. We have a programmable Logitech Remote and I actually found it easier to use the Logitech Remote and that is a good thing because we can use only the Logitech Remote (its purpose) instead of having 3 remotes on the coffee table.

The Guide (or EPG) was now working and we were able to see what was on all those channels. The interface is a little different than Kodi was. Not all channels have the EPG but at least you had it available for many and there was a full Guide as well.

Viewing experience was great. Pretty well every channel plays and VooDoo offered CTV, CBC, City and Global Toronto feeds (which many of the other providers don’t offer, you either get the national feed or a Montreal feed). Having Toronto stations available was a bonus.

One feature I really like is the “time shifting” or DVR for lack of a better term. Providing your channel has time shifting (there’s a clock symbol beside the channel) you can easily go backwards in time and replay a show you have missed. I have found it is good for up to 2 days but anything past that is hit and miss. But this is a great feature!

With VooDoo there were plenty of channels, good categories, but there was never any EPG information for the PPV Movies, and the Guide, although it displayed, when you clicked “OK” on a program it wouldn’t change the feed to that channel, so you had to “remember” the channel, go back a couple screens, and then manually scroll up or down the list until you found the channel and then click on it. That was very awkward.

The PPV I was looking forward to watch on Saturday night was not available.

The IPTV subscriptions that I’ve tested have had a Pay Per View area and in some cases even a TV Shows section with hundreds of TV Shows organized by Season and this was a great way to watch this week’s episode from your favourite TV Show or binge watch an entire show! Except this section didn’t work at all with my VooDoo subscription either.

So now that we were happy with the mechanics of getting this all to work, I emailed the Admin again at MyIPTV.Store and he sent back a trial subscription for Express IPTV. You can have two subscriptions configured in your Mag box and switch between them so I added the information and restarted and tried Express.

Express came up great, the EPG was populated and the on screen interface was slightly different than VooDoo but included an option to browse your local network and play media off your own network devices. This is handy as we have a collection of audio, video and pictures on our home network storage device and now we can access them without having to leave the portal. Awesome!

The full Guide with Express works the way a Guide should work. Find your program, click OK and it tunes to that program instantly. Another bonus (compared to VooDoo).

The sections for English Movies, Premium Movies and the PPV Movies all work and most have EPG. There is a great TV Shows section that is current and up to date. This is great stuff indeed.

We have now bought two more set top boxes (Mag 256’s). At anywhere from $89 to $139 a box, that isn’t too bad, and we can sell off our old satellite receivers to help recoup the cost for the new hardware.

Now the best part is a monthly subscription with IPTV is much lower, even for 3 subscriptions, than one month of satellite (pretty well half).

Cost wise:

3 x MAG Boxes @ $139 = $417 + HST = $471.21 (current amazon.ca price)

Get your IPTV subscription (the longer the subscription the lower the price)

12 Month Subscription (is $8.50/month U.S.) $105.98 x 3 = $317.94


Satellite at $65/month is $780 a year.

Saving $463/year (which would also cover the cost of 3 Mag Boxes in the first year).

Judge for yourself if experimenting with IPTV was worth all this experimentation over the last 2 months.

There are many portals out there that you can subscribe to IPTV Services through. If you are unsure sign up for a 30 day subscription. You can always move to a different provider and a different IPTV service anytime you like!

For me, I have had good service with myiptv.store and their Express package. You can just go there and save yourself some of the research as I’ve already done it for you!

In Summary:

With a good Set Top Box and a subscription to a quality IPTV Service, you can definitely cut the cord and save money while getting more variety!