IPTV Update

Last year was a rough year for some IPTV providers. One main server went down and many subscriptions being offered suddenly lost all their programming and left providers scrambling to find alternatives.

Canada Cord Cutters took a few months to get back on their feet but they are back fully and ready for action. (however they are gone as of Oct 2020)

If we didn’t have one box subscribed to an alternate service that seemed unaffected by the pull out of that big server we likely would have gone back to Satellite Tv!

Compared to what was happening 6 months ago, I have to say that the status quo has changed quite a bit. Canada Cord Cutters has changed their packages and price. MyIPTV.Store forgets to renew my subscriptions each month leaving us scrambling for 24 hours with no service because they didn’t do their job and rollover the subscription like they should do.

When I look for other alternatives I’m always weary of fakers who are just after capturing your Credit Card info, or can’t set you up for a trial period even though they advertise one. I don’t deal with anyone unless they offer payment by PayPal, just to be safe.

The MyIPTV.Store people have got me so upset about not keeping my 3 and 6 month subscriptions going that I’m looking at alternatives again. I don’t want all of our boxes subscribed to one provider in case of issues. I just need one more provider that provides Canadian channels and a VideoClub and I will let you know what I come up with shortly as I’m contacting two today.