IPTV for Canadians – 1 Year Later

Well here it is, pretty well a year later, and I thought I would take some time to update you on how IPTV over the internet has been treating us!

My inspiration to write this is mainly due to the recent crash of the Express IPTV system (around March 8, 2019?) which has left what I considered the best service in shambles and after two weeks they still haven’t rebuilt to where they were before… so much so that I am switching over to VooDoo IPTV for now.

But that is also one of the pluses about IPTV. If you don’t like your service? go order a different one! But I do warn you to be careful of who you sign up with as there are many sites that ask for your credit card info but have no intention on delivering service. You have been warned!

I still recommend using a hardware box to watch your IPTV. The Mag254 boxes are pretty easy to find for about $120 or less but you would be better off spending a little more on the Mag256 unit – that one has more RAM and will likely work a little better with less issues – but either box is a good choice and will work well for you. You do need a good internet provider. A 5 Meg DSL line isn’t going to work. We have a 15 Meg DSL line and it works but we have days where things buffer. On a fast internet hookup there are no issues with buffering. And no, I don’t sell boxes or subscriptions, I’m just sharing my experiences.

Over the past year we have had very little interruption with our service. Express has been good and I really liked their ‘catch up‘ feature which was available on pretty well every station. OK2 Premium doesn’t offer catch up at all and VooDoo offers it on most of the main network channels.

There are days when IPTV works better than others. As I mentioned in my previous reviews – sometimes the channel you want to watch doesn’t work. It was rare to have a large portion of channels unavailable so I would still say it is quite reliable and a good option to cut the cord with.

VooDoo was one of the first IPTV subscriptions I tried a year ago. Switching channels was fast and responsive but at the time I couldn’t get the guide to show us what was on so we tried Express and never looked back. With the recent crash of Express and me being tired of waiting for them to get back on their feet I switched back to VooDoo to give it a try and I am quite pleased.

Finding an IPTV subscription that offers good Canadian stations is not easy. We like Toronto new stations, especially Global, and so far VooDoo provides that. I will say that Express used to switch between offering Global Toronto and Global Montreal on one channel, so sometimes we would go for weeks watching Montreal news or have to watch CP24, CTV or CBC, assuming those were Toronto feeds (and a lot of the time they were Montreal feeds too!).

At one point we switched a box over to OK2 Premium just to get Global Toronto back, but even with OK2 Premium, as of today (March 21, 2019) the Global Toronto channel has been showing “no signal” and the other Global East channel gives you sound but no video. So guess what? We are going to switch this box over to VooDoo too.

I did go back and check out Gears Reloaded for a month too. This was my #1 choice for those wanting IPTV without buying a box. There have been a few changes with Gears Reloaded (all for the better) and today you can get a subscription that supports access via a web browser; Android devices; Amazon devices and Kodi. Easy installation instructions are emailed to you.

Gears Reloaded was and remains an awesome service that offers flexibility on how you watch it. A one-seat subscription is good for one viewer at a time but you can watch it on your phone, tablet or desktop (one viewer at a time). This makes it extremely portable and easy to take with you where ever you may be! Go to https://www.omarsvideos.com/ to purchase.

So that’s a quick summary of IPTV in Canada over the last year. I would like to say thanks to https://myiptv.store/ who continue to be around and offer good service. Many requests take up to 24 hours but I have been able to count on them for subscriptions. Remember when I mentioned be careful where you attempt to buy subscriptions from? Well, if you use myiptv.store you will be quite safe.

I’ll write some more when I have more experiences to share. Enjoy!