It took a long time to find an alternative to MyIPTV.Store but I think I’ve found one!

HDIPTV.ONLINE seems to fill the gap nicely. It’s only $5 US a month per seat and has good collection of Canadian and US Channels and so far they respond promptly and are likely worth a look.

MyIPTV.Store basically killed themselves with me and my group for not responding promptly; never renewing your subscription on time (I’d buy 6 months but they would only add 1 month at a time, and when the next month should start they didn’t add the month so you’d be down for 24 hours. Silly.); not doing whatever was necessary to get their subscriptions to work with the MAG boxes (Voodoo in particular was working fine on 3 boxes and then slowly each one would no longer play Live TV); etc.

I still subscribe to Canada Cord Cutters but I also wanted a second provider in case one should go down (which happened last year).

Anyway, go check out HDIPTV.ONLINE and ask for their free 24 hour trial. And they accept payment by PayPal which is one of my requirements!